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PodQuiz 829

pq829.mp3 15:16

This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), The Statue of Liberty, Places, and Anagrams.
The music is David Rovics, with Liberty and Justice For All.



2021-02-19 00:37


the Dookies

2021-02-19 09:18

15(4-3-4-4) Don't believe you said how many letters on the last 2 Anagrams


2021-02-19 12:14



The last two questions for Anagrams you forgot the number of letters. Made it a bit more difficult there.

Booze Baron

2021-02-19 15:42

Like many others that have commented I too was going to say you didn’t give the number of letters in the last Q.

But that’s not my main reason for writing (first time ever as usually everything is superb) and I especially enjoyed this one (only missed 3 but one miss was down to the announcers enunciation or accent that made it impossible to answer. So after 6x times rewinding I gave up sadly. I think too the them was the 100 year anniversary (or 200 years if you count the music section too of America’s independence (Statue of Liberty was 1886 100 yrs on. The music Q’s were all 200 yrs 1976. 👍🏻 As a Yank/Brit expat for 8 years here I pride myself on identifying accents in GB 🇬🇧 but for the life of me, yours throws me? That said these are the Q’s where I struggled:

19) Couldn’t discern if you said “fateful” or ”faithful” & the next one sounded like “metallic lemons” (I got marry. But could’ve been marry, Mary or merry).

20 ) “accompany” or “a company”? And as others have already said, no letter count given in the last question.

Either way. No ones perfect and appreciate you doing these weekly. Maybe bump it up to twice a week? 😝 Or 2 quizzes a cast? as yours is the only podcast I enjoy and download and wish I didn’t have to wait all week for a new one! Appreciate you sharing independent artists too.

Cheers 👍🏻

Sally Scott

2021-02-19 19:48

Thank you for your wonderful quizzes and in particular this week, thank you for the David Rovics song.

Mike and Lara

2021-02-19 23:57

5-4-5-4... warming up for next weeks prize round!

Laura and Dennis

2021-02-20 04:34

17 (4-4-5-4)

Tracey Beth & Liam

2021-02-20 05:25



2021-02-20 11:11


T & S

2021-02-20 17:14

15 (3-4-4-4)

Dave and Tash

2021-02-21 01:09

(2.5-3-5-4) 14.5

Always a pleasure to do the quiz. Thanks so much. :)


2021-02-22 23:16

17 (4-4-5-4)

Andrew, Paula, Naomi & Ryan

2021-02-23 23:36


Anne, Matthew and Clive

2021-03-02 21:06

3-3-5-4 (15)

Kyle and Kim

2021-05-14 21:25


David and Charles

2023-03-25 19:22

2-3-4-4 (13)


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