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Welcome to Podquiz

PodQuiz is a weekly trivia quiz podcast. Each week there are twenty questions, some music as an interlude, followed by the answers. Get your Friday fix of trivia every week!

Anyone wishing to keep score, or play amongst friends or family, might find the PodQuiz answer sheet useful.

PodQuiz 975

pq975.mp3 16:02

This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Beans, Literature, and Pot Luck.
The music is Goober Peas by Reverend Dan Buhler.

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2023-12-08 00:05

PodQuiz 974

pq974.mp3 15:15

This week's rounds are Music (Covers), Fictional Plants, Archaic Units (Quickfire), and Places.
The music is Physical Plant, with a song called Bad Prescription.

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2023-12-01 00:05

PodQuiz 973

pq973.mp3 15:52

This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Subatomic Particles, Places, and the Natural World.
The music is from Ant Neely with a song called The Peaceful Atom.

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2023-11-24 00:05

PodQuiz 972

pq972.mp3 14:10

This week's rounds are Music (Mashup Madness), Alumin(i)um, Cartoon Villains (Quickfire), and Transport.
The music is Blue Dot Sessions, with Alum Drum Solo.

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2023-11-17 00:05

PodQuiz 971

pq971.mp3 14:53

This week's rounds are Music (Odd One Out), Dentistry, the Natural World, and Art.
The music is Teeth Tea Leave by Optional.

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2023-11-10 00:05

PodQuiz 970

pq970.mp3 13:27

This week's rounds are Music (Intros), Halloween, Swapped in Authors (Quickfire), Famous People and an extra Prize Round!
There is no music this week because of the prize round.
Prize Round Picture Question:
In mathematics and the sciences, which greek letter is used to donated the change of a quantity?
Which greek letter?

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2023-11-03 00:05

PodQuiz 969

pq969.mp3 15:28

This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Cream, Famous Voices, and In Which Year?
The music is Cream by Monster Jinx.

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2023-10-27 00:05

PodQuiz 968

pq968.mp3 14:42

This week's rounds are Music (Sax Solos), Military Ranks, Best Selling Perfumes (Quickfire), and Literature.
The music is Paper Navy with Swan Song.

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2023-10-20 00:05

PodQuiz 967

pq967.mp3 15:00

This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Lions, Languages, and Television.
The music is Hayvanlar Alemi with Quantum Lion.

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2023-10-13 00:05

PodQuiz 966

pq966.mp3 15:54

This week's rounds are Music (Terrible Twins), Jennifer Aniston, First Lines of Poems (Quickfire), and Communications.
Music comes from Dagos with My Jenny.

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2023-10-06 00:05